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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Healthcare

PORQUE E COMO INOVAR NA SAÚDE: trilha do empreendedorismo e inovação

This book is essential for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and develop a critical sense and a questioning look at new human and professional relationships.

You will have access to the steps of entrepreneurship and innovation with a focus on health.

The book includes an exclusive interview with Cláudio Terra, current senior director of innovation and business transformation at Pfizer Latin America, about Culture of Innovation and New Economy. In addition to other unmissable themes for those who want to start or continue their journey of entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare!

Check the Amazon Brazil page for a preview of the contents of the book "Porque e como inovar na saúde? - trilha do empreendedorismo e inovação".

Also available in physical copy at

Secure your copy now!

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