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Translating Research to Practice - Pitch Your Idea


September 14th, 2021, 5:00 PM – October 26th, 2021, 7:00 PM (EDT)




Creating Novel Ideas in Healthcare

Although there has been significant and large production of medical evidence in the past two decades, only a small fraction of research evidence has genuinely translated into viable products to the public. Also, clinicians often have great ideas to improve outcomes in healthcare, but their ideas never get tested. This program aims to address these critical gaps as to inspire participants to consider this challenging but rewarding pathway to becoming an entrepreneur in healthcare.


This program will introduce the process of translation from academic research to treatments and products that may go to the market. In this process, we will discuss the main principles that include rigorous scientific testing, leading to business model strategies, investments and pitch your idea. The goal of this program is to inspire participants to optimize their ideas and projects, providing a framework that participants can use to design a blueprint to test and turn their ideas into products in healthcare. The program will promote active discussions between researchers, academic societies, industry partners, investors, and regulatory agencies to enhance learning in this critical field.

During the program, participants will develop an idea and plans for testing and the initial business plan for that idea. At the end of the program, participants will pitch this idea to the program faculty and invited leading experts in the industry as a real potential idea to be commercialized. The ultimate goal of this program is to get participants to understand the pathway for commercializing science and high technology truly.





Program co-founder and co-director

Prof. Fregni is a world-renowned scientist in the area of developing and testing novel medical devices to enhance neuroplasticity. He has more than 500 peer-reviewed published articles and currently is a Professor of PMR at Harvard Medical School and directs a large neuroscience laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. One of his aims is to inspire future scientists to develop novel treatments that are cost-effective in Medicine.


Program co-founder and co-director

Dr. Tiago Lazzaretti Fernandes is a Collaborative Professor and orthopedic surgeon at the Sports Medicine Division at the University of São Paulo Medical School. He co-coordinates the Regenerative Tissue Engineering Core at Sírio-Libanês Hospital and seeks to develop these new technologies for clinical practice. Dr. Lazzaretti has finished his post-doctorate program with a research fellowship from Harvard Medical School and did his doctorate with a fellowship from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He collaborates with Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital and is a site director of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - ECPE - Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Program (PPCR).






Sep 14th - Tuesday

Introduction and Planning of the Program

  1. Initial remarks

  2. Organization and educational goals of the program

  3. Why, What and How (Presentation of Innovative Process and Final Pitch)

  4. Learning the "elevator pitch"

Main task: Participants will choose their groups to work

Module 1 - Creativity and the Ideation Process

Sep 21st - Tuesday

Creating great ideas

  1. Is a creative mind different than a non-creative one?

  2. How to enhance creativity?

  3. The Source of Ideas: how to come up with great ideas

  4. Methods to Develop your Idea

  5. Defining your problem well

Main task: Participants will need to share their main idea

Module 2 - The Stakeholders and your target market

Sep 28th - Tuesday

Finding your stakeholders: a non- so obvious search

1. What is the importance of stakeholders in the creation process

2. Who are the main stakeholders in healthcare?

3. Who are the main stakeholders in other start-up companies?

4. What do stakeholders look for? 

5. How to estimate your market size?

Main task: Participants will need to identify their stakeholders

Module 3 - The Solution and Testing your Solution

Oct 5th - Tuesday

Developing and testing your solution

  1. Learn to develop your solution based on your idea and the stakeholders

  2. Testing your idea and developing a plan for testing (clinical research trials)

  3. Understanding the regulatory barriers for your idea and testing of your idea

  4. Finding a researcher partner or becoming a researcher-entrepreneur?

Main task: Participants will need to develop their solution

Module 4 - Create the financial sustainability and assessing your competition

Oct 12th - Tuesday

Basics of Developing a Business Plan

  1. Why do 90% of startups fail?

  2. Developing a plan to fund your business (initial and long-term)

  3. Develop a strong and realistic market research

  4. Costs for research and development

  5. Traction plan: plan for the growth of your company

  6. Securing your intelectual property

  7. Who if your competition: a very important step to be successful


Main task: Participants will need to develop and present their business plan

Module 5 - putting all together: your pitch

Oct 19th - Tuesday

Developing a great final pitch

1. Pitch as a storytelling

2. Why is so difficult?

3. Changing the pitch: how often?

4. Pre-pitch evaluation

Main task: Participants will present their pre-pitch

Module 6 - Final Pitch

Oct 26th - Tuesday

Final Pitch 

  1. Students will present the final project as the "final pitch"

  2. Closing remarks




Live-online (for online participants) activities on Tuesday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm (EDT) Boston Time for the main activity and 6:30 pm to 7 pm for peer-group activities.


September 14th, 2021 to October 26th, 2021


  • Blended format with online live classes on Tuesday during the program and offline collaborative activities.

  • Off-line collaborative activities: discussion forum and material reading and posting, group project development.

  • Live activities: during the live activities we will discuss one of the components of the pitch and using examples from participants for learning what is essential when developing that component for a successful startup in health sciences. Mentors will follow group projects during the seven weeks. Participants will be divided into groups according to their background and expertise to ensure diverse groups.


Groups of 8 to 10 participants will work on a project to develop a product or research related to healthcare innovation that will be presented as a Final Pitch at the end of the program for invited experts. The winner group will be awarded a prize that will be defined (mentorship, incubation, innovation hub…).



Mentors will guide teams for product/process development according to design strategies for the final Pitch presentation



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2020 past SMI participants


"What I liked the most about SMI was being able to develop an innovation project in practice and in a professional way, from the conceptual idea to the prototyping and market evaluation".

Claudia da Costa Leite
Associate Professor University of São Paulo - Winner of 


"I was attracted to the Scholars in Medical Innovation program because it was a perfect mix of the science behind innovation as well as the business fundamentals to take your innovation to market. During the six modules, lectures and forum discussions were highly interactive and I particularly enjoyed the dynamic of sharing useful resources throughout the duration of the program. Needless to say, the invited speakers were amazing and so willing to share their knowledge with all of us, they really opened my mind and changed my perspective about healthcare innovation. Prof. Fregni and Prof. Lazzaretti did an amazing job making me feel included and welcomed. I highly recommend this program for everyone wishing to learn more about translating ideas to useful and successful medical innovations".

Tania Genel, Bachelor in Chemistry

David Rodrigues 2.jpg

"The program of Scholars in Medical Innovation is a collaborative learning platform that offers us the opportunity to transform innovative ideas into real projects. Also, it allows us to learn from experts from different fields on how to materialize our projects. For me, the program was a great experience that broadened my vision to make my project for better health care come true. I strongly recommend it for those who are looking to realize their projects".

David Rodriguez, MD


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